Jan. 18, 1957, Friday. Eighteen years. There’s been nothing since that big celebration, I don’t how it came about like that. My mother bought me a pair of nylons, daddy gave me money for the pants that were ready yesterday, Milka gave me an orange and Mirjana a comb. Gordana bought me a box of two toilet soaps and a bottle of cologne. That was for my eighteenth birthday. Two days later my classmate Ivan came, but he was late as we were all at the cinema. He brought me a nice package, in it a proper basket, a bar of chocolate, sugar powder, a lollipop, an apple, a carob, a fig and a sugar cube. (laughter) Those were birthday presents.

The play is a master's thesis by Maša Pelko within the second-cycle program of Theater and Radio Directing at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana.


Maša Pelko

Tina Resman

Nika Vidic

Gregor Podričnik

Sara Dirnbek

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