Marko Vivoda, Karlo Hmeljak in Luka Frelih | REAR


Marko Vivoda, Karlo Hmeljak & Luka Frelih: REAR – Reality in Arbitrariness
*First preview of the upgraded new-media installation

The intermedia installation REAR – reality in arbitrariness congruently cover three different media (language, image, sound), when each of them is split into basic construction elements which at their second level create a multitude where these begin to acquire some meaningful expression to show the construction of reality itself as well as its transmission through whichever medium into a space of perception, as arbitrary. It’s very simple: to point to a unwholness of such construction with a very simple art intervention means to open up possibilities for new/different constructions of reality, while concurrently pointing to the fact that a work of art is always labour of an artist, a man-made creation that through media (e.g. image, language, sound) creates/changes/destroys meanings.

Production: KID PiNA
Event co-production : Ljudmila


Luka Frelih

Marko Vivoda

Luka Frelih

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