Subash Thebe Limbu | Yangdang Phongma: Blessings of the Future


As part of his residency, Subash Thebe Limbu developed a workshop titled "Yangdang Phongma: Blessings of the Future," designed for 16 participants of the ARIA summer school. The workshop extended ideas explored in his film "Ningwasum," which is set in the Indigenous Yakthung nation in Nepal and follows two time-travelers, Miksam and Mingsoma, who return to the present from a future where interplanetary civilizations are thriving and living sustainably by adopting Indigenous knowledge and technology. "Ningwasum" – which loosely translates as "memory" in Yakthungpan – explores notions of time, memory, and space and the way in which these shape reality. Limbu has theorized his approach to science fiction as "Adivasi Futurism": a space where Nepalese Indigenous people and artists can imagine themselves in a future of their own making, driven by their culture and traditions.

The ISkRA artist-in-residence is organized within the More-Than-Planet project. It accompanies the ARIA summer school and acts as the counterpart to ISkRA WiR. The artist-in-residence hosts authors whose practice is informed by a speculative approach and worldbuilding mindset, drawing from various fields of culture (architecture, literary fiction, design, new media, visual art, gaming, etc.) and tackling infrastructural and ecosystemic questions of planetary 'reimagineering' (re-imagining and re-engineering).


Subash Thebe Limbu

Subash Thebe Limbu is an Indigenous Yakthung (Limbu) artist from what is currently known as eastern Nepal. He works with sound, film, music, performance, painting, and podcasts. Subash has an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins (2016), a BA in Fine Art from Middlesex University (2011), and an Intermediate in Fine Art from Lalit Kala Campus, Kathmandu. His works are inspired by socio-political issues, resistance, and science/speculative fiction, and feature the recurring themes of migration, climate change, and indigeneity or, as he calls, Adivasi Futurism. Subash is based in Newa Nation (Kathmandu) and London.

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