Alberto Novello & Luka Frelih | Laser Tags Sound Drawings


Participants in this two-day workshop will learn about hardware and software that is used to control laser projections. They will learn to create and manipulate laser shapes in real time using open-source sound software like Pure Data, VCV, Supercollider or similar (or a hardware synthesizer), as well as automating them in sync with music for live performance.

Participants will also make miniature laser projectors using parts of old, non-functioning CD or DVD drives and a common laser pointer. The projectors will be used to set up a collective performance or installation. At the end of the workshop they will take them home, and can use them in possible future art projects.

Participants will need to bring their own computer or modular synthesizer. They are also encouraged to bring old CD or DVD drives and cheap computer speakers, to be hacked in making the projectors. All the necessary tools and other materials will be provided.


Luka Frelih

Luka Frelih is an artist working with computers and networks, a computer programmer, a free software hacker and web designer. He's been a core member of LJUDMILA – Ljubljana Digital Media Lab since its founding in 1994. He maintains Ljudmila’s 3D printers and regularly participates in collaborations connecting technology and art.

Alberto Novello