Klemens Kohlweis & Staš Vrenko | Dirty Module


In the environment of intense DITOxication at last year's PIFcamp, Klemens Kohlweis and Staš Vrenko, basing off John Richards' (aka Dirty Electronics) Radical Chip, have designed Dirty Module - an algorithmic wavetable oscillator in the 4HP Eurorack format!

Radical Chip is a programmable PIC microprocessor that reads 5 stored wavetables with the use of 9 manipulable one-liner algorithms, opening up a plethora of sound possibilities, useful for tonal, percussive, textural and drone purposes. Dirty Module literally integrates the Radical Chip into its circuit as well as resonates with its structure and sound capabilities. The module can be operated with two potentiometers for manipulating the algorithm and a button for changing the algorithm and wavetable combination, via three CV inputs and two potentiometers to lower the input CV signals.

Each kit comes with a uniquely designed 3D-printed front panel.


Staš Vrenko

Staš Vrenko is an artist, musician and electronic instrument designer. He has an MA (cum laude) in sculpture from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design for which he received the Prešeren award for students. His practice involves various fields of art with a strong focus on sound exploration, electronic media and technologies, kineticism and performativity. In the past few years, he has presented various solo projects: Record (Kino Šiška), Loops in Transmission (osmo/za), Adoption Techniques (P74) and Connective (MoTA). He has also been featured on group exhibitions at the international festival Agora Creative (Grenoble), SCCA Ljubljana, Lighting Guerrilla Festival, MFRU_25, Kiblix, Vžigalica Gallery and Škuc Gallery, among many others.