Sarah Grant & Danja Vasiliev: LANscapes


LANscapes is a research project into how one can work with the preexisting infrastructure found within a given environment for creating and deploying communication networks. Building upon the common natural phenomenon such as (and not only) radio, electromagnetism, acoustics in combination with elevations, forestation, (known and unknown) geodesic anomalies of a local terrain, the project aims to determine a set of possible solutions for creating local area networks (LANs) for communicating digital forms of information within a certain unmodified landscape. Trees, plants, rhizomatic root systems, bodies and streams of water could become antennae, signal leads and waveguides for messages sent from point A to point B.

The expected outcome of LANscapes research is a collection of low tech technological solutions and methodologies for working with a given natural environment. Such a technique could become a useful tool for disaster relief, rural network deployment and last but not least understanding of the environment we find ourselves surrounded by.


Sarah Grant

Danja Vasiliev