Voltages Chirping Vehemently (VCV) #9


The ninth online meeting on modular synthesis with the VCV Rack simulator is happening on the 3rd of December!

Modul@rnice will host monthly online Voltages Chirping Vehemently (VCV) meetings for modular synthesis with the VCV Rack simulator, which contains over 1,800 free-to-access simulations of Eurorack modules. All the meetings will be held online. They will be led by Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip). The teaching is planned as an open format for peer-to-peer learning, where participants can suggest topics and influence the course of the meeting.

Each session will be dedicated to the development of one music patch, which will interweave two thematic aspects: Musical or genre (rhythmic, harmonic, polyphonic, polyrhythmic, textures, granulation, pad, generative music) and technical or methodological (clocks and sequencers, granular synthesis, phase reversal, gated filter, connection to acoustic instruments and external MIDI controllers, sound/ring modulation). One of the goals of the meetings is to jointly search for Slovenian equivalents for modular synthesis terms that are not currently established.

The artist will post all workshop materials, including patches, on the website below:

For more info write to: delavnice@projekt-atol.si


Ida Hiršenfelder

Ida Hiršenfelder (beepblip) is a sound artist and archivist. She makes immersive bleepy psychogeographical soundscapes with analogue electronics, DIY and modular synths, field recordings and computer manipulations. She is interested in bioacoustics, experimental music and sound spatialisation. She is a member of the Jata C group for bioacoustics and sound ecologies. Her solo albums Noise for Strings, Vol. 1 (2019) and Noise for Strings, Vol. 2 (2020) were published by the Kamizdat label. She studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (2021–23).

Web: https://beepblip.org/ 

Sound: https://beepblip.bandcamp.com/

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