Václav Peloušek: Mysteries of Sound


The third event of the Modul@rnice workshop series (and the first one in the going online series) will focus on creating and exploring possibilities of electronic sound. In this lecture we will embark on an expedition to observe the waveforms and processes behind electronic sound generation. We will descend into the depths of electrons moving in a circuit, while trying to understand what excites us about music in the first place. The 1h lecture will be followed by Q&A, so prepare your questions!


Václav Peloušek

Václav Peloušek is a musician and inventor from Brno, Czech Republic. For the past decade he has been building his own instruments and also co-started brand Bastl Instruments which released countless products and held many workshops world-wide. Peloušek studied Art & Science at University of Applied Arts in Vienna and performs his music as Toyota Vangelis.

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